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What Does It Cost
Payment for tuition, music book and CD, & violin hire (if required), are requested prior to commencement of lessons/or by due date on invoice. Payment by the due date entitles you to the ‘discounted term fee’ (a saving of $20.00).

Group Lessons
Group lessons per term cost: - $17.55 (discounted rate) multiplied by the number of weeks in the term.

Private Lessons
(Discounted rate)
  • 15 min - $21.84 per lesson
  • 20 min - $28.15 per lesson
  • 25 min - $34.40 per lesson
  • 30 min - $40.60 per lesson
  • 45 min - $60.90 per lesson
  • 1 hr       - $79.60 per lesson
The FULL term fee is calculated by multiplying the individual lesson cost by the number of weeks in the term and adding $20.00.

Additional Costs

Music book and CD
Each student will require a specially prepared Music Book $13.50 & CD $16.50 available from 123 Forrest St, North Perth.

Room Hire
Some schools may require a room hire fee.